Xperl health bar not updating

Replaces CTRA MT Targets window, and doubles as a replacement for the Perl Raid Frames warrior targets. Frames will be coloured to show if tanks have duplicate targets. Health bar as normal, but a secondary small red bar on targets which shows the maximum single hit this unit has received since entering combat.Shows selected classes (defaults to healer classes) in a list (much like the MT List), but with some differences. The secondary bar will extend downwards from their current HP level down to as far as zero.Totals can be toggled (from the 'T' minibutton at top of frame) which gives overview of raid mana status.Save/Load raid roster setups Only does direct save and load for the moment, but more to come (templates and such). Use the old commands before, or drop items in the left item list.A green name on the targets indicates this is the same target that you have.You can click on casters or their targets as expected.Will show anyone from raid assising you with your target, and can also show healers or all plus known enemies targetting you.Tooltips for the same also available (on player and target frames) if you prefer to not use the main window.

Have they mentioned anything about how they feel about its current state?Until (hopefully) Z-Perl is updated for Classic, I am using Quartz for my cast bar and Classic Castbars for my target.I miss cast bars being inside the unit frame, but this will do for now.KTM 17.35 (Threatmeter)Big Wigs (Bosstimers)Luna or Healcomm (Healing communication or Unit Frames)Ora2 (Raidleader tool)Natur Enemy Castbar (Enemy Castbars and timers)Lazypig (Dismounting, loot settings, invites)Item Rack or Outfitter (Item set swapper)DPSmate (Multifunctional dps meter)Trinketmenu (Trinket swap addon)Theorycraft (Spell values and stats)Buffalo (Buff frames)Modified Powerauras (Buff or Debuff tracker)Omni CC (Cooldown timers)Prat (Chat addon)Expand Assist (Raid assister)Bananabar (Clickable marks)Eavesdrop (Combatlog)I use a ton of addons when I play Vanilla now.There weren't many around back then, but I loved using an addon that showed me the boat and zeppelins on the map with timers.

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