Xmlvalidatingreader example vb net

The Xml Data Document class allows you to work with relational data using the Data Set object.

The Xml Document Fragment class is useful when you deal a small fragment of a document.

Xml classes in your application, you may need to add a reference to the System. The Xml Text Reader, Xml Node Reader, and Xml Validating Reader classes are defined from the Xml Reader class.Figure 6-6 shows Xml Reader and its derived classes. Xml Reader classes You use the Xml Text Reader, Xml Node Reader, and Xml Validating Reader classes to read XML documents. the xml Node Type Enumeration's members Moving to a Content You can use the Move To Method to move from the current to the next content node of an XML document.Some of these namespace classes are Xml Schema, Xml Schema All, Xml Schema Path, and Xml Schema Type. Serialization is the process of reading and writing an object to or from a persistent storage medium such as a hard drive. Xml Serializer, with Text Writer or Xml Writer to write the data to document. The discussion of these classes is beyond the scope of this article. This namespace contains only four classes: Xpath Document, Xpath Exression. The XPath Document class provides fast XML document processing using XSLT.This class is optimized for XSLT processing and the XPATH data model. NET API is a nice wrapper around the XML DOM interfaces and provides a higher-level of programming over XML documents. NET architecture consists of three classes: Xml Document, Xml Reader, and Xml Writer.

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