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It is not known if the below information is correct: Email: [email protected] Real Name: gary bainbridge Phone Number: 07873277026 Country: united kingdon Gender: M Address: flat one 303 springbank west hull Income: USD ,000-,000 Education: College/University Date of Birth: Mon Jul 04 UTC 1983 Games Played: Medium Stakes - All Poker - 16-35hrs per week Locale: en Fyi because another topic is locked and banned with as a reason frequent spam to swap request.This Jaap de Lau from Eersel owes at least 1400 $ to 5 people (including us: 400 $) So the ban should be: SCAM!After we realized the error we asked him to return the money.He refused to do so and said he would be leaving Chip Me Up.

In fact, over the next decade, it will reach its biggest growth segment of 30%.

Chip Me Up talk MDMWINS, 4 months ago Last Longer #1489 Last Longers Shmendric, 4 months ago Last Longer #1490 Last Longers Shmendric, 4 months ago looking for 7 players! atvchipsnet, 4 months ago Mini Million Sun 21 Apr Looking to back Players!

The current trend of this generation is that everything can be found online.

Email: [email protected] Name: anthony rafter Phone Number: 353857706543 Country: ireland Gender: M Address: 4 millview dromorewest co.

sligo This user has taken money and has not paid it back.

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