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Social media seems to be replacing real-world interaction at an alarming pace. Sometimes the most thoughtful e-books aren’t enough to bridge the gap between concept and reality.

The next thing you know, your dating calendar is empty and your social life practically non-existent. I've been in the field of psychotherapy and consulting for 55 years.

For the first time I feel reassured and hopeful that I can have a romantic future. I can't believe how fortunate I was to counsel with a man and a woman at the same time. By answering “how” instead of “why”, you can count on looking toward the future with well-defined goals in mind.

That’s why every Ten-Plus coaching program comes with a unique planning session at the beginning, during which we’ll build a customized together with you.

Dating and relating in the 21st century is more complex–and more potentially frustrating–than ever before. How come that meet-cute at the supermarket never seems to happen? Even so, you may have unique circumstances and sticking points.

It’s as if everything is conspiring to keep you from meeting the man of your dreams. But friends and acquaintances move in and out of our lives so fast. And on top of all else, finally finding the love of your life doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be very real challenges along the way.

Whatever the next frontier is, we take men and women all over the world from where they are today to where they want to be.

Your input regarding my problem helped me more than you can imagine. You’ve got to hear what your friends won’t ever tell you, but from someone you know has your best interests at heart. That’s why you’ll always work with Scot and/or Emily or another established, professional coach of .

While some coaches may argue for either the male or female perspective, we give you both.

As a happily married couple who each enjoyed a respectively vibrant, healthy dating life prior to finding each other, Scot and Emily truly “walk the talk”.

Many come to us because both Scot and Emily have ex-spouses who suffer from mental illness, and their stories are similar.

Others have prioritized their career or other dreams above finding their significant other.

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