Word is updating the fields in the document

I tried out your sample document, and it does just what I'm looking for...BUT I don't know how you created the link between the fields and the other locations in your document.DISCLAIMER/TERMS OF USE The information, illustrations and code contained in my "Microsoft Word Tips" are provided free and without risk or obligation. If you use it for commercial purposes or benefit from my efforts through income earned or time saved then a donation, however small, will help to ensure the continued availability of this resource.

word is updating the fields in the document-49

It makes them very difficult to edit at a later date.Does Word have an option to update fields AUTOMATICALLY at open???Word does have an option to update fields before printing and links at open (attached), but how to update the fields AUTOMATICALLY at open without pressing F9?For now, we are placing text tags into the document and include a table at that top of the document listing the tags.We just search/replace the tags with actual data when we need to.

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