William moseley dating alexa hamilton

But i personaly think that him and Georgie Henley would make a cute couple.

But I think Georgie is kinda young for Skandar but who knows.

The particular work of William is not only appreciated by many celebrities rather his exclusive fan following are also acknowledging him also his work in movies and TV show is also the reason for this.

Having around 84.2K followers in his personal account they are also supporting and encouraging him with his work.

Your best option would be to co-star in a movie with him or if you happened to meet him somewhere near the place where he lives.

Actors will sometimes attend premieres of movies they starred in and you could try approaching him then.

Taurus Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire, England William schooled at Sheepscombe Primary School and after graduating in 1998, he studied at Wycliffe College.Since Kesley is together with him and this time she is providing with her full support for the program.Previous than her, he was also having his affair with Antonia Ortega from 2010 till 2 year of time.William Moseley is an English actor popular with the character of Peter Pevensie.His appearance in the Chronicles of Narnia is counted as his exclusive performance across.

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