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According to the Associated Press: “Police in Seattle received 308 reports of rapes last year, but only six persons were convicted.” Only about 2 percent of rapists are convicted and jailed. As the Bible says: “Because sentence against a bad work has not been executed speedily, that is why the heart of the sons of men has become fully set in them to do bad.”​—Eccl. Even convicted rapists are soon released, to rape again. When you consider our society, paranoia is to be expected.

Fifty years ago there hardly was a woman out alone at night without a man.Interest in this matter prompted Donna Vali, a Los Angeles sociologist and criminologist, to send questionnaires to 645 psychiatrists.She asked such questions as: A total of 88 percent of the psychiatrists answered, “Yes,” to the first question, and 62 percent, “Yes,” to the second one.“some large schools have put anti-rape measures into effect.At one Midwestern university an escort service was established.

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    Radiocarbon dating uses carbon-14 to determine the last time something (or someone) was alive.

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    This report was followed in 2012, with the publication of The Rise of Mobile and the Diffusion of Technology-Facilitated Trafficking, which was the first effort of its kind to examine the role of mobile technology in both facilitating and combatting trafficking.