Who is wu zun dating Sexchatwithgirls

In San Francisco and the Bay Area, I've seen some Chinese-American men dating and marrying white women, but no where close to the numbers of Chinese and Chinese-American women and white men.

That's surprising since Chinese-American men are more "Americanized" than Chinese men.

There is something seriously wrong with those girls.

Question was "What makes Chinese men attractive to women?

There is however one Taiwanese actor named Liu De Kai I have lots of respects for. Going back to topic, I think it's not a matter of Chinese or whatever.

Everything about him projects an air of power, which makes him very suitable for his many roles as the rich entrepreneur. If the guy is handsome, he will be attractive, regardless of race.

Zheng Cai Zhen : always happy,funny,exotic,cute,narcistic,talkative,and naughty. she doesn't want anybody know if she and her sister are family because she has a seurious problem with her heart.But I know a couple of Chinese guys who are dating foreign girls, they just basically were friends of friends and when everyone saw how easy going, relaxed and non-traditional they were no one cared where they were from anymore. Sure they are young, handsome and have a ripped six pack, but they all have this boyish look that girls will qualify as "cute".In my opinion, they do not project an image of power, intelligence, competence, maturity, success and self-respect that many older western well-known actors do. You should google Chow Yun Fatt, the Chinese equivalent of Sean Connery, I suppose.The thin wizard who knows how to do magic or the big sword carrying, muscle bound fighter? Because I'm a big geek the best contrast I can think of off hand comes from Role Playing Games.You've got Fighters and Wizards, Wizards are cool and all but who do you think all the women are fucking? I too am a big geek (which I'm trying to repress right now and I would never say that in front of a woman).

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