Who is wendy williams dating

And by new man, we mean a man whom she describes as "sexy" ... "Last night was the most beautiful sunset in Sherman Oaks with special people," Wendy's caption begins. Even if it's long after the fact, that sort of revelation would be all kinds of embarrassing.

" It's not every day that you hear a New Yorker say that. "Are you dating Wndy,” a follower asked on Instagram, prompting Boof to reply: “No." The cacophony of questions got so bad that he took to his Instagram Stories to address it. Maybe as a small punishment for allegedly attacking their son. Maybe Wendy wants them to see her living her best life. One, no one actually expects her to be dating this early, so we don't imagine that she's really that desperate.

The young man sat silently while the paparazzi peppered Wendy with questions about her post-Kevin Hunter life. “Please don’t ask about Kevin, we have an 18-year-old son, that is not Kevin,” said Wendy referencing the man next to her. ’ she told the paparazzi who asked the man his name. I’ve still got a very full life, please don’t make me cry.

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All of this comes about three months after she served her ex Kevin Hunter with divorce papers. I’m not in love but there’s somebody that I’m crazy about,” said Williams with tears in her eyes. “It’s not who you think,” Williams told the audience. The talk show host went on an Instagram posting spree during her vacation this weekend showing herself kicking it with the Kardashians, partying during L. Pride with Blac Chyna and dippin’ it and doin’ it with someone special.On Friday Wendy posted a pic with Kris Jenner…The Shade Room has a video of Wendy and the man she’s ZIPPIN’ IT & ZOOIN’ IT with—and he’s a far cry from Kevin Hunter.Even though Wendy Williams' messy divorce feels like it has scarcely begun, it was a long time coming. You know those services that give rich people fancy trash to throw away to make their lives look more glamourous? Two, Wendy knows the ins and outs of fame and how their stories are covered better than anyone. Clearly, Wendy is not wasting any time finding a new man for herself. A fake dating story is bound to get out -- especially if she's doing it on 's turf.

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