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But while most social media users quickly took sides after the interview (which we've posted below) aired, both Lahren and Noah did something rarely seen in this political climate: They acted cordial to each other online. Perhaps they even talked about a follow-up appearance by Lahren.Moreover, Lahren and Noah actually met up last night at The Bowery Hotel in New York City. Or Noah appearing on her program on The Blaze, which is some kind of cable network.is dating anyone after will be the first thing fans will want to know.Because if he doesn't end up with that final rose, there will be plenty of people waiting and willing to scoop him up after the show.Once again, Tyler affirmed he was there for the right reasons by completely respecting Hannah's decision and her boundaries.

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Their chemistry has always been off the charts, which is why Hannah said she wanted to use their Fantasy Suite date to make sure their emotional connection was on the same level, rather than taking their physical relationship to the next step.As far as we know, no drinks were thrown and voices were not raised. A calm, rational, reasonable discussion about the issues facing this great country of ours?TMZ caught up with Lahren after caught up with Noah and asked for her thoughts on their discussion, prompting Lahren to say she and Noah still don't see eye-to-eye on very much. And that doesn't mean she blames Noah at all for how the question-and-answer segment went.So while Tomi Lahren doesn't think that Black Lives Matter, she seems to believe that black penises sometimes matter behind closed doors... And should more more conservatives and liberals sit down for these kinds of conversations on TV? But watch the interview and then comment away below... Did you catch her controversial appearance on The Daily Show?

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