Who is ted turner dating

He turned out to be a very accessible person and a real sports nut like both me and Les.

Our apartment has views to the West and so we all shared a beautiful sunset Leslie Moonves.

Ted Turner is the “sponsor” who financed the The Red Carpet Boutique Marlo had at the Perimeter mall in ATL.

Marlo knows how to get money, she’s a true hustler.” If you don’t know, Ted Turner is one of the wealthiest men in the world…

For the longest time we have wondered how Marlo Hampton, of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” lives the lavish lifestyle she portrays.

Until last week, we had no clue as to where her funds came from.

Marlo knows how to get money, she’s a true hustler.” Marlo owned a boutique?

It takes you back to junior high - very catty, very cliquey.According to a Hello Beautiful: “Ted Turner was Marlo’s sugar daddy.My understanding is that Marlo is one of the reasons why Jane Fonda divorced Ted Turner. Check out pics of Marlo’s townhouse and tell us what you think…When Marlo was asked why she was keeping the tags, she told cast mates she likes to “catalog” her items by designer and year! Moving right along, Ne Ne Leakes is apparently highly incensed at Sheree’s behavior towards her new friend. as she made several Tweets about reprising her role and apparently she will also be branching out into the talk show market. And in other Ne Ne Leakes Takes Twitter activities, the star Tweeted about filming last night. We finally finished shooting or did we LOL.” Kingdomlos is a the Twitter account for Carlos King – a RHOA producer! Check out this Twit Pic, below, and take a good look at what Ms. Taking to Twitter, Ne Ne decided to remind fans of what Sheree looked like before Bob Whitfield came into the picture and supplied her with a new nose, as he purports. Ne Ne Tweeted, “Great news: I’ve been asked 2 co-hosting on , next Wednesday & Thursday! Leakes is wearing and see if its the shirt from her interview segments. THOUGHTS ON THE SHOCKING INFORMATION ABOUT MARLO’S ALLEGED SUGAR DADDIES?

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