Who is shia labeouf dating right now

Between the gender bending, fake news, and the increasing likelihood that we’re going to be the generation that fights, (and loses) WWIII-you’re gonna need a boyfriend who’s flexible enough to go along with whatever happens next.Whether it’s making sense of Sean Spicer’s next press conference, or your feelings about it, you’re gonna need a man who’s crazy enough for you in this brave new world.You need someone who has been through some things, whose not going to judge you.

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His parents separated due to financial problem, and this accelerated his acting career. He is the only child of Shayna and Jeffrey Craig La Beouf.The “Honey Boy” co-stars first sparked romance rumors last September, after his split from ex Mia Goth.It’s hard to know what to look for in a boyfriend these days.If he doesn’t spend his last dime “investing” it in bad art or bailing himself out of jail he might have enough to rescue you from the burning pile of rubble that was once The United States of America.Weirdo’s like La Beouf get chased out way before they come for uppity whore bloggers. His A few more embarrassing scuffles and he might be ready to defend you against an angry mob of Trump supporters, or maybe he can challenge your Dad to a fistfight at Thanksgiving.

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