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We could reel off the entire list of babyfaces, but it’s still very possible it could be any of ’em.The reveal would turn them, and make it an even bigger, more memorable moment. I also want to rule out anyone from 205 Live or NXT UK ..It’s a pretty outlandish guess, but nothing’s impossible in the WWE Universe.Everyone’s expecting his arch rival Johnny Gargano to win the title this week, so they can reignite their feud when Ciampa returns. What if WWE have bigger ambitions for The Blackheart?Take out The Big Dog before they get there, and the rest of the locker room will be put on notice.It’s still very unlikely, but there’s not many others who stand out as potential suspects in NXT.

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In recent promos, Lee has shared frustration with his current status.

With Adam Cole facing Johnny Gargano for the NXT title this week, it’s possible he could be promoted if he were to lose.

Having one or more of the Undisputed Era targeting Reigns would show the world how serious they are about making an impact.

While the forklift incident wasn’t as dramatic as it could’ve been, the drive-by car crash certainly escalated the situation.

With Samoa Joe being ruled out as a suspect, I’d like to take some time to speculate on who the attacker is.

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