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Will Bronn simply show up with the army in Winterfell and announce he told Cersei to "fook off" off screen?

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I hate that about our business 'Lost Boys' is one of my all-time faves. I remember this movie called 'Once Bitten,' which is about an '80s sort of power girl who became a vampire and was really, like, sexy.But one character decided to take off before the party started: Bronn. This has actually been something that's been known since 2014, just before Season 4 aired when The Telegraph first reported it.But since then, since Bronn and Cersei have magically never appeared together on screen, fans just kind of forgot about it.Season 7 finale featured one of the biggest scenes of the show to date, the Dragon Pit summit.In it, actors who have never shared screen time in seven years of the show finally found themselves all together on the same set. But not really -- because apparently he and Lena Headey, who plays Cersei, each other. And what happened between Cersei and Bronn that they can't be on set together?

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