Who is kandi from real housewives of atlanta dating

She weathered multiple run-ins with cast members and lost a couple of old friends.

But please be clear, Ne Ne is not responsible for treating people badly. Ne Ne is a firm believer in Karma and her wicked ways.

Look, Ne Ne might have physically attacked part of Bravo production, but it wasn’t her fault.

See, the cameraman hired to film these ladies , violated Ne Ne’s privacy by entering her closet. Even Porsha Williams ALLEGEDLY had her pregnant body tossed around in the melee.

This season she ended her romance with Scott Kluth.

She cried And her fellow New York Housewives speculated about Tinsley’s spending habits.

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Let’s face it— much of last season of Real Housewives of Atlanta was carried by Porsha Williams.(Sshhh…don’t tell Ne Ne Leakes.) Porsha started dating Dennis Mc Kinley, the Hot Dog King of Atlanta.She later faced some trust issues because Dennis was too chummy with an ex-girlfriend.This announcement came a couple of months ago, but no other information was released until late last week. Tinsley Mortimer, who stars on Real Housewives of New York, started to come out of her shell more this season.The tickets are not on sale, yet, but they will be next week and there are options for different schedules and budgets. She dealt with the death of her beloved dog, Bambi.

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