Who is john cena dating after his divorce on line dating companies

According to her lawyers, they discovered evidence that John was being unfaithful over the course of their marriage, and it could be the reason for their divorce.There were many speculations about the divorce battle, but many believed that the cheating allegations were aired solely so that she could challenge their prenuptial agreement, and have a share of his wealth after the divorce.

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It’s just been a lot of fun.” Despite re-entering the dating world, the wrestler admitted that her favorite date night involves inanimate objects. Usually, the person that I date at night is Netflix and my black licorice,” she joked.If your brother-in-law's ex-wife is your sister, you cannot marry his ex-wife.If your brother-in-law is the brother of your wife, then as long as you are no longer married, you can marry his ex-wife.During her marriage, her net worth increased significantly due to her ex-husband’s wealth estimated at million.However, they had a prenuptial agreement which meant that she did not share any of his wealth after the divorce.

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