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In season 3, episode 16, Detective Stabler convinces Detective Benson to help him find a 14-year-old rape victim who did not want to file a report.

In season 1, episode 14, the detectives desperately try to catch a rapist who attacked three women before the five year statue of limitations runs out.

These are, without a doubt, the lowest points in Detective Benson’s career: In season 5, episode 9, Detective Benson realizes that a woman she dismissed several years ago because she was drunk was actually telling the truth about being held captive in a dungeon and raped repeatedly.

What makes matters even worse is that after Benson dismissed the victim, the perpetrator went on to abduct and rape at least a dozen more women.

Benson follows the victim to her apartment—which is already way out of line—and pleads with her to come back to the hospital and get a rape kit done.

When the victim refuses, Benson actually sneaks into her bedroom and steals her underwear.

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