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Just days after filing for divorce, she got invites from Bevy Smith and Andre Leon Talley for a Ball, got asked out on a date by DJ Boof, and was asked out to dinner by.... Unfortunately, Wendy was already booked for the night Charla suggested, but she had an alternative plan.

He may no longer be dating Instagram poet Cleo Wade, but Cory Booker has confirmed that he is currently dating someone. last month, nor did he confirm it on “The Breakfast Club,” but either way, he has high praise for the boo in question.

She also talked about the relationship has been going so far, saying, “So far, so wonderful. Booker had previously confirmed he was in a relationship with someone when he appeared on co-host Charlamagne tha God said.

“Once you start getting hot, you might become president?

), whom he'd introduced Kevin to strictly on professional trms.

When a then single Sherina showed romantic interest in other people at the radio show, and Charla introduced her to them, "The Breakfast Club" host said Kevin got weirdly territorial and mad. Charla has been pretty vocal lately - far more than he was about a decade ago - about Wendy needing to leave her allegedly abusive husband. #djboof #nyc #newyork #statenisland #brooklyn #bronx #queens #harlem #longisland #atlanta #houston #vegas #miami #dallas #streetstyle #hiphop #dj A post shared by DJ BOOF (@djboof) on You better speak on it then, king! The reason Wendy's booked: DJ Boof asked her on a date, she said!

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The new laws will actually loosen the current gun restrictions as it gives Texans more opportunities to have firearms and store ammunition in …A little backstory: Charlamagne Tha God got his major fame push as Wendy William's sidekick on the radio before she even started the "Wendy Show." Despite having Charlamagne stay on and film small skits during her talk show test run, the two completely severed their relationship back in 2008.And it was all because of Wendy's husband Kevin Hunter's alleged mistress Sherina Hudson, at least according to Charlamagne.In an interview on radio show “The Breakfast Club” on Tuesday, co-host Charlamagne tha God asked the New Jersey senator and White House 2020 hopeful if he thought his single status might affect his chances of becoming president. There’s been widespread speculation that the unnamed boo is Rosario Dawson — though neither has confirmed nor denied they are dating, they were reportedly sighted together at the movies in New York City in January, and “Page Six” reported that same week that Dawson was heard A “spy backstage” that night supposedly told “Page Six,” “They were so cute together and seemed so flirtatious,” adding that while they didn’t kiss while they were there, it was clear that they were a couple. (We haven’t elected a bachelor president since Grover Cleveland in 1886.) Booker hedged, noting that he has two years before he really has to worry about that, but when pressed further, he said he’s dating “somebody that’s really special.” “Oh, so Cory Booker’s got a boo? Booker reportedly “refused” to tell “Page Six” whether or not Dawson was his girlfriend when he was asked at an appearance at the U.

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