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A few years later, when I was out of high school and wanted to appear sophisticated and grown up, I parlayed my way into my dream car.

It was a Silver Corvette with a very hard-to-find matching silver interior. After owning it for just four days, I drove it out to the Santa Clarita Valley to visit the set of a young television writer and producer I was dating.

Obviously this is a last-ditch effort to save her show.

The plan for having Mary Jo on the show was developed into the story line before the season began as Tori was told she needed something more salacious than last season as the show’s first season ended with disappointing ratings.

Stay tuned CDLers…because you KNOW we’ll bring you all the updates.

And just remember who told you about the phone call from Emily on the big reunion show first!

That is about the only possible storyline left for Tori to try to breathe new life into the show.

Likely what producers will end up doing is having “Emily” call in on the finale or reunion show to talk to Tori.

Well, likely they will hire someone who has never been in the industry and hasn’t made a name for herself to play the role of the home-wrecker Goodhand.

Tori thought it was a great idea to bring in Mary Jo because the two have had a contentious relationship since Dean left his then-wife for Tori after their cheating scandal.

But Mary Jo is so over Dean, so there was no drama over him at all.

She sees Tori for what she is and is not threatened by her in any way.

Dean’s beautiful ex came across as classy and confident—winning the hearts of viewers, and leaving Tori to play the victim once again.

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