What is the game when dating

Let me strip it down to its basic components for ya!In fact, to make it really simple: Let’s say this dude is a “Natural.” He’s never heard of the “Seduction Community” nor does he care about it. It’s Having an intuitive understanding of the type of women you’re talking to, and the circumstances you’re in.Furthermore, someone of good social intelligence would also take care of his personal grooming, sense of style, and overall living space. Whether it’s through humor, great storytelling, or intriguing conversations, the guy is able to create interest on some level.This includes guys who are not even very intelligent, but they’re still able to tell idiotic stories of their exploits that engage their target demographic.women can join in the fun…and that my gym hobby wasn’t useless…it gets me in touch with my body and it helps with that “not taking shit attitude”…when you know guys can’t kick your ass for being real… I noticed that just because a guy has a GF doesn’t mean he’s good…meaning she might be with him for lack of choices (guys hitting on her only wanna fuck her and she wants a bf) or/and security…it still is creepy to me to approach a girl that has a bf in the club…especially if the guy is cool…you’re just showing uber-neediness, supermiscalibration and everything.

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Or rather, why don’t some guys ever improve significantly? It’s a bird’s eye view, a macro description of the entire process.

Others have learned to meet girls effectively working their social circle scene.

Some had jobs or careers that were conducive to meeting women, doormen, bartenders, bouncers, DJs, club promoters and etc.

Some guys have learned to do really well meeting women online.

Despite where and how they meet women, these guys excel at these areas. It’s about men who attract women on some level and do well for themselves.

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