Web cam sex sister

Justin was 28 years old and had recently returned home from two tours in Iraq.

Now discharged, he'd been looking for work but the economy sucked balls and no one was hiring.

After quickly registering under the name Major Tom, he clicked on the link. 'Oh my fucking god' he thought as the rush of excitement flooded his mind. It throbbed hotly in his hand and he just about blew his load all over his belly at the sight of her. ' Justin was too shocked to respond and sat there staring at the screen. Fuck, she must be getting herself off for some guy right now!

Almost instantly he was treated to a live shot of the models panty covered pussy. Meanwhile Reese had no idea what was happening right down the hall from her room. Before he could think of what to say the screen went blank and displayed a message saying she was in a private show. ' Justin knew he shouldn't but somehow he just couldn't stop himself. He never even considered not going back to see her online.

After a fairly short wait the image of Reese's bedroom reappeared on the screen. He had noticed in the past how pleasantly large and shapely his sisters breast were of course.

With the cam panned back Justin recognized her room easily. ' Justin couldn't believe how slutty his sister was acting. I want to cum with you.' Reese squeezed her boobs through her top. The tight tops that she usually wore were obviously meant to display her wonderfully rounded cleavage and her choice in bras cupped them high and proud on her chest.

Justin did plan on getting his own place soon and when that happened his sister could have the run of the place again. So far his job search seemed like an exercise in futility.

To his relief, once he'd shown that he respected her privacy, everything had been great.On the text screen next to the live image, her words appeared in bright green, indicating that it was the model herself speaking. He could hear some music playing but underneath it he heard the sound of Reese moaning loudly as if she were having an intense orgasm. 'I don't know which of us is more screwed up,' he thought. Watching a guy cum gets me super hot.' The request to cam caught him off guard. Other guests were on the public board but Reese was focusing on Major Tom for the moment. Now I can use my hands for better things." Justin activated the private chat and Reese sat straight up, looking positively excited. She tugged roughly on her nipples, twisting them hard between her fingers.'Her for jilling off for pay, or me for wanting to watch! He knew full well how screwed up he was for wanting to see her do it. Justin's eyes felt like they were going to pop out of his head.Since their Mom's accident had made it difficult for her to climb the stairs, Reese had found that she had entire second floor of the house to herself.These days their parents stayed in the downstairs guest suite.

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