Warning updating the currently checked out branch

This post is a complete step-by-step SCCM 1802 upgrade guide.If you’re looking for a comprehensive SCCM installation guide, see our blog series which covers it all.After the CAS upgrade, you can begin the upgrade of each child site.Complete the upgrade of each site before you begin to upgrade the next site.At console opening, if you are not running the latest version, you will receive a warning and the update will start automatically.build number of the console. If the console upgrade was successful, the build number will be X and the version is now Version 1802. Do not reboot or restart any services during this period or your update can be stuck in “Prerequisite check passed” status.There’s actually no officially documented methods by Microsoft to fix that. As a previous Cumulative update, the console has an auto-update feature. Based in Montreal, Canada, Senior Microsoft SCCM Consultant, 5 times Enterprise Mobility MVP. His specialization is designing, deploying and configuring SCCM, mass deployment of Windows operating systems, Office 365 and Intunes deployments.

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You can benefit from the new features and fixes issues, which some of them can be related to your SCCM.

You will be able to install 1802 if you are running SCCM 2012, this new version is a new baseline version.

To install SCCM 1802 as an update, you must have SCCM 1702 installed.

It’s also easier to upgrade to the latest version since Microsoft has implemented the new model of update servicing which is the in-console upgrade.

SCCM 1802 includes lots of new features and enhancements in the site infrastructure, management insights, client management, co-management, compliance settings, application management, operating system deployment, software center, software updates, reporting, protect devices, configuration manager console.

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