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Switching back to Fahrenheit it jumps back to last Thursday's information. I see several people with the same issue, has anyone found a resolution yet? My weather gadget is stuck on last Thursday (01-04-07) when using Fahrenheit. My gadget has agreed with (most of) the reports on our local (Austin and San Antonio) TV stations, without getting stuck. If I click on the link for the weather (the words "Fort Smith, AR") on the gadget, it takes me to the MSN weather site, which shows the correct weather information. Changing it to Celsius, it updates and shows today's temp and forecate. Could there be a problem with your local reporting station? The “TM Watchlist Watcher” vista gadget does just that, It’s not as clean as it could be and its not all that ideal from the perspective that for now (until trademe decides that its worth while creating more web services for people to consume) it screenscrapes the watchlist page to get its data.However it does work and I’ll like to take a bit of pride in it and say that it works well.If along the way there are any errors, it will display an error icon as content and some hopefully useful but friendly error message associated with it (my hope is to create a help page to list some common issues based on these messages so if u getting something strange, feel free to describe it in the comments but also, if you find it useful, also feel free to say so in the comments to balance out the good / bad 😉Download the zip file from here.

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Though windows 7 retained Windows vista’s Gadgets and integrated them in the context menu, the sidebar in Windows 7 is different from that in Windows vista.

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