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The truly comedic parts are all early on, while the later scenes rocked back and forth between TMI and schmaltz city.

There's some great shots of Chicago -- but OMG SO embarrassingly white.

See more » We caught a screening of ' The Breakup'. That said, the first part of the film's non-relationship-ish parts were funny.

And to be fair this one isn't really a chick flick.

Hers is an intriguing character study; but while compelling, this woman is ultimately disparaged: her big heart overwhelmed by a distasteful measure of eccentricity.

She's a little scary, in that aggressive taut and overbearing manner some "women of a certain age" attain.

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The broad stroke message is that women are either insipid or scary, no middle ground.Vince Vaughn's Gary is no prize, but there isn't a mean bone in his body.I liked the ease with which he captures the tacit, feckless, and unintentionally self-centered oblivion of so many American men. And I'm bothered by the disparity between how accurate and hard-hitting his portrayal is, while hers is painted with such broad, cruel strokes.Imagine a bunch of guys sat around and concocted a story: "So like, this smokingly hot chick comes into your life and everything is going' great until everything flips upside down when she goes psycho on your ass..." I strongly suspect that any likable facets of the Brooke Meyers character are probably just Jennifer Aniston's real self shining through to override the stilted facade her character represents. When Girlfriends Go Nuts..." Brooke's friend Maddie's role is paper thin, and Ann-Margret?Poor Jen, she did the best she could with what she got, but it's SUCH a misogynistic script. She flashes by on screen with an over-botoxed sneer -- OMG what a tease!

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    With an accommodating chaperon who knew no German, the couple could do and say what they pleased.