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I will start with a sample Windows Forms application using Data Set. I create a data table in the database called My Customer with three columns: Cust Id, Name and Company.Cust Id is defined as primary key and an identity column.I have an issue with a simple database editor application I am creating in C#.Background: I have an SQL database that I initially query to get a list of the tables so that I can populate a combobox.I am hoping for either a better solution or at least and explanation as to why the dt.reset() causes this problem. As far as i have understood you are making differnt queries from differnt tables. Clear() method it only Clears the rows assosicated with the columns(i.e the columns from the Data Set Object). What you have to do is to set the Data Source Value again to the other Table.You get the data from the SQL Server and then set the data in a Data Set; This data Set Object is then added to the bs. So To summarize set the Data Source Property again. I believe I understand what you are saying but a sample might be prudent to be sure I implement it correctly the first time.In this post, I will describe the way to retrieve the identity value in ADO.NET applications with the help of Visual Studio Database Tools.

private void cb Table Select_Selected Inde My problem is that the datatable shema is constantly changing based on what table is selected from the database (they all have different columns and, of course, rows associated with them).

The identity value is determined by the column’s Identity Seed and Identity Increment properties.

While in your client application, you can insert a new row into a corresponding ADO.

NET Data Table (Data Table can be seen as the in memory cache of the data table in the database, I will use Data Table as the example in this post).

You will not get the true value until you commit the update to the database.

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