Vb net an error occured while validating Marathi sexy chating free online

When I do, I'm getting "An error occurred while validating. The dependencies for some of the newly added projects are not being detected and added to the setup project.

To work around this problem, please move the additional Availability sets and Virtual machines in those Availability sets to a different hosted service.See How to set up endpoints on a classic Windows virtual machine in Azure or Attach a data disk to a Windows virtual machine created with the classic deployment model# Store the VM details in the VM object $vm = Get-Azure VM -Service Name $servicename -Name $vmname # Display the data disk properties # NOTE the data disk Logical Disk Size In GB below which is 11GB. Also note the Media Link Uri of the VHD blob as we'll use this in the next step $vm. Data Virtual Hard Disks Host Caching : None Disk Label : Disk Name : coreosvm-coreosvm-0-201611230636240687 Lun : 0 Logical Disk Size In GB : 11 Media Link : https://core.windows.net/vhds/coreosvm-dd1Source Media Link : IOType : Standard Extension Data : # Now get the properties of the blob backing the data disk above # NOTE the size of the blob is about 15 GB which is different from Logical Disk Size In GB above $blob = Get-Az Storageblob -Blob "coreosvm-dd1.vhd" -Container vhds $blob ICloud Blob : Microsoft. Uninstall it from the VM and add it back using Azure Resource Manager after the Migration is Complete VM in Hosted Service contains Extension whose Status is not being reported from the VM. Ensure that the Extension status is being reported or uninstall the extension from the VM and retry migration.VM in Hosted Service contains Extension reporting Handler Status: . Ensure that the Extension handler status being reported is or uninstall it from the VM and retry migration.

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