Validating user input in shell script

When coding in a script, or even in a fully-featured software application, it's important to account for as many scenarios as possible.To limit the number of possible scenarios, it's a best practice to incorporate some kind of input validation into your code.

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The language goes to all ends in its pursuit of this principle.In the Get-Event Date example, where I planned to write an error anyway, Validate Script is probably a cleaner alternative.But in the Archival Atrocity script, it would have been a much better user experience to create a directory if it didn’t already exist.In particular, Validate Script lets you write a script block to test the conditions that the values must satisfy. The syntax of this thing looks like a sampler of Windows Power Shell enclosures.Windows Power Shell runs the validation script on the parameter values and, if the script returns $False, it throws a terminating error. There’s a square bracket “[“ or two “]”, a pair of parentheses “( )” and even some curly braces “”. But once you get over the syntax, you realize that putting the parameter value validation into the parameter definition means that you don’t need to test the parameter value in your script.

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