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Cengiz S., (2013) Adli Belge İncelemelerinde İmza ve Yazının Mürekkep Yaºı Tayini, Adli Bilimler Dergisi, Vol12,7-18 İslek D. Structure and age determination of the blue ballpoint pen ink on documents (Unpublished Thesis). Doc., FBI Academy Quantico, VA, Government Printing Office, Washinton (USA),: p. Istanbuluniversity Institute of Forensic Science, Istanbul, 2015 Weyermann C., Almog J., Bügler J., Cantu A. (2011) Minimum requirements for application of ink dating methods based on solvent analysis in casework, Forensic Science International, 210(1-3): 52-62 Weyermann C. (2010) Analytical methods for dating modern writing instrument inks on paper, Forensic Science International, 197( 1-3): 1-20. Measurements over longer periods of time are necessary to follow the degradation of dyes exempt from light exposure.

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The mass spectrometric methods were first tested and were found to be adequate for the purpose of this work. Gaudreau M., Brazeau L.,( 2000) The use of solid phase micro-extraction SPME in the development of a method to determine the ageing characteristics of ink, in: th Meet. Lyter A., Mc Keown P.,( 2001) A study of time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) as a tool for the dating of writing ink, in: Annu. Gaudreau M., Brazeau L.,( 2002), Ink dating using a solvent loss ratio method, in: th Annu. Ng L., Lafontaine P., Brazeau L., (2002) Ballpoint pen inks: Characterization by positives and negatives ion-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry for the forensic examination of writing inks, J. Hofer R., (2004) Dating of ballpoint pen ink, J Forensic Sci.

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