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Use another recharging cable if the LED does not flash amber. Chargers are commonly available for wall, car and computer USB ports.If an alternate charger causes the LED to flash amber, leave the phone to charge for an hour, and then remove the battery as in the previous section to reset your phone.The CD contains an installation wizard that guides you through the installation process.If you no longer have this CD, you can download and install the latest version of Black Berry Desktop Software online.If anything is wrong with the battery's appearance, replace it with the same model of battery. If not, proceed to the following section to confirm that your battery is charging properly. When the Curve is off, the LED on the front slowly flashes amber.

go to your bottom left corner and it will say categories.

Sprint does carry a few Blackberry phone models such as Blackberry Style 9670 Smartphone, Blackberry Torch 9810, Blackberry Bold 9700 Smartphone, Blackberry Curve 8520 and Blackberry Storm 9530 3G Smartphone. i used to have a HTC and then i switched over to Blackberry and Blackberry is an alot better!!!

Yes, you do need to have a Blackberry in order to use the Blackberry Messenger application but apparently RIM (Research in Motion, the proprietors of Blackberry) might release Blackberry Messenger for i Phone and Android devices as well.

Black Berry Desktop Software will need to be installed on your computer in order to use this upgrade method.

Black Berry Desktop Software is available on the Black Berry Desktop Software CD included with your device.

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