Updating the ce plant cost index

Dear breizh, Could u plz help me again with Marshall and Swift installed-equipment cost index for All industries and Process industry from 2002 to 2014 thank you very much Edited by ่kasidithz, 10 February 2015 - AM.

I have looked in a few issues and I don't think they publish the annual breakdown.

I am also interested in the current weighting of the components? 584.6Construction labor 305.2Buildings 438.6Engineering and supervision 344.9 HAZOP at most recent information that I have is for January 2006 (preliminary), from the April 2006 issue of Chemical Engineering. The Dec-04 CE Index of 464.4 was for value for that particular month.

CE Index, 478.7 Equipment, 558.9 Heat exchnagers and tanks, 523.9 Process machinery, 533.5 Pipes, valves & fittings, 655.9 Process instruments, 388.5 Pumps & compressors, 766.2 Electrical equipment, 385.3 Structural supports & misc, 598.4 Construction labour, 304.5 Buildings, 459.8 Engineering & supervision, 346.6 The is the breakdown from Vatavuk WM, 'Updating the CE Plant Cost Index', Chemical Engineering, pp 62-70, January, 2000. Great observation regarding the discrepency in the breakdown; perhaps there's been another update since 2000. LRGCHE - I think that the June value for any year is a better estimate of the value for the whole year than is the Dec value.

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