Updating stucco fireplace dating alloa

You have probably already seen a simulation of failing stucco at your favorite Italian restaurant as part of the decor: a ragged patch of missing wall surface with brick showing through and a few cracks around it.Call it Old World Charm when Chianti bottles are hanging in front of it, but on your own house that’s a problem.To learn more about fireplace renovations and new installations,call Platinum Stone Veneer (416) 731-8600 or request an estimate online.You can also visit our store to see these beautiful stone veneers and talk to our team.

A stucco fireplace works very well with Mexican terracotta tiles and the bold colors of decorative ceramic tile accents..

In most cases it’s best to use oil primer as the water in latex primer can often raise the grain in the wood – creating yet another step in the process.

You can use latex paint over oil primer without any worries. amount of self-levelling properties which make for a smooth surface when applied with a 10-13mm nap roller.

So, how do you know when your stucco is at the end of its lifespan?

“Look for areas of de-lamination, blistering, and also stain streaks down the surface—indicating a problem behind it,” according to Jeff.

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