Updating paths is incompatible with switching branchesforcing

(or git add -u .) With the current Git version, the command is restricted to the current directory."git add " is the same as "git add -A " now, so that "git add dir/" will notice paths you removed from the directory and record the removal.In older versions of Git, "git add " used to ignore removals.You can use the configuration variable "push.default" to change this. Given the bad track record of Git documentation it wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t get what this chunk of text is trying to say at all.If you are an old-timer who wants to keep using the "matching" semantics, you can set the variable to "matching", for example. Personally I find it much easier to read the code to figure out what is happening. When you type ‘git push’ (without any arguments), Git uses the configuration ‘push.default’ in order to find out ‘, which means push all the matching branches, so if you have a local ‘master’, and there’s a remote ‘master’, ‘master’ is pushed; if you have a local and remote ‘fix-1’, ‘fix-1’ is pushed, if you have a local ‘ext-feature-1’, but there’s no matching remote branch, it’s not pushed, and so on.Git v2.0.0 is a backward-incompatible release, which means you should expect differences since the v1.x series.Unless you’ve been following closely the Git mailing list, you probably don’t know the history behind the v2.0 release, which started long time ago (more than three years).Given the fact that Git v2.0.0 has been cooking for three years, I think it’s a big missed opportunity that nothing really changed, specially given that in previous user surveys people have said the user-interface and documentation needs to improve, and there have been patches to try to do so.

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For a long time, "git svn" created its remote-tracking branches directly under refs/remotes, but it now places them under refs/remotes/origin/ unless it is told otherwise with its "--prefix" option. If you don’t see a difference between ‘trunk’ and ‘origin/trunk’, you don’t care.

It all started with a mail from Junio C Hamano, asking for developers to submit ideas for changes that normally would not happen because they break backwards compatibility, he invited us to think as if “we were writing Git from scratch”.

This big release that would break backwards compatibility was going to be named “1.8.0” and people started to submit ideas for this important release.

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