Updating maps on garmin nuvi 660 Cam free seksy mk

At the end, this is all stupid and messed up, it was not handled correctly by Garmin from the start.first, they shipped the maps to a couple of their vendors before they offered them on Garmin's website second, said the updates would be free for new owners within 30 days, I was told that by support third, they offer it free for 650 (which is discontinued) yet the 660 does not qualify since it's not in production.They are shutting the light on the nuvi 6xx series and didn't coordinate this, leaving new owners of their gps hangging looking for answers.However, lets' see if they start to give the free update for free on the 660, that would really be messed up and they will really get a nice call from me.I downloaded it and installed on my Nuvi 660 with no problem.Nuvi 660, Street Pilot c340, Magellan Maestro 3225 Their customer service is horrible.I talked to them previously about free update and they said it would be available. I told them I would have bought another company and they said well you already purchased ours, and blew me off.If i knew their customer service was so bad, I would have never bought from them.

Go figure I though the nuvi 650 is on their list of discontinued products, it just doesn't make sense.

I remember when I bought the tomtom they had a policy of free map updates the first 30 days so no matter what happens, you always get the latest map free.

I wrote a bad review about their customer service and I wrote a letter to some of their executives, maybe they need to look at what's going on and get some feed back from real people Everyone wants something for nothing..would anyone want to buy the 6XX series when the new 7XX series was out unless they were at exceptional prices and then you would get what you paid for. Probably shipping back to amazon would be anyway!

This is a hint that the 660 is on its way there on the discontinued list too.

Well, my 660 does not qualify for the free update eventhough I activated it on April 4th and no matter how I talked to them, they seem to be on the same page.

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