Updating gridview in asp net 2 0 Xxxchatonline

If convenient, would you please paste your Grid View, Data Source control's declaration template in the aspx page here so that we can have a look at them?Also, I'd suggest you testing through a simple table, (eg.

NET 2.0 application that utilized a Gridview Control to display and update/delete data.| | Incidently I have tried this a few other times with the gridview and other | data from the same database and it doesn't work as well. | | Thanks in advance, | | washoetech | | | Steven, I just figured it out.When the data source automatically sets up it writes the SQL script strange and puts brackets around everything. Also, the html that is automatically generated by the gridview control was missing the paremeters required to update or delete. "Steven Cheng[MSFT]" Hi Washoetech, Welcome to ASPNET newsgroup.The problem I am having is that the gridview control is displaying the data correctly but it is not updating or deleting the rows.What I did was, in design view, added a gridview control and added an sqldatasource control. In the gridview tasks I selected enable edit checkbox so that it automatically adds the edit link to each row.

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