Updating file properties with vb

The Directory class allows you to create, move, and enumerate directories and subdirectories.All of its methods are static and require a security check for each call. How to get the date and time a specified file was last modified. How to get the date and time a specified file was last accessed.Return the attributes of a specified file How to return the attributes of a specified file.Active Document Dim ps As Property Set For Each ps In doc. Internal Name Dim p As Property For Each p In ps Debug. All objects created using this class reference a specific directory.As a result, a security check is performed only when the instance is created.

If you want to show a help topic from within your Visual Basic code, you need to use the Win Help API call. If you are using Visual Basic 6, you can also use files to provide context-sensitive help.

The File object is used to return information about a specified file.

To work with the properties and methods of the File object, you will have to create an instance of the File object through the File System Object object.

NET Base Class Library provides a number of classes that simplify the issue somewhat.

First, an overview is presented that details the key classes within the namespace. And finally, we write a file-monitoring application that demonstrates the use of these classes.

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