Updating data from one table to another in sql

The values in column 4 & 5 are dynamic (ie not the same each time) background on the table.every 8 rows are grouped together (by an action_id ascending) to another entity in another table (but the other table isnt needed for this task) for example i need to move the SMS & L1 to the row above and blank out the row where action_id = 839284 this will repeat multiple times.Both the databases have the same structure, but different data.

have an sql table and I need to take row 2 and move data in column 4 & 5 and move it to row 1.

I would also recommend you use an auto incrementing integer as the key you use to map between the 2 tables.

I have two tables in different databases on the same database server.

Visit Stack Exchange Database Administrators Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for database professionals who wish to improve their database skills and learn from others in the community. Sign up to join this community ------------------------------------------------------------------------- | name | family | phone | email | gender | phone2 | address | birthdate | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- in table #1 columns address and phone2 is empty and columns gender and birthdate values is same as table #2.

How can I read data from table #2 and update address and phone2 in table #1 with values from table #2 address and phone columns when gender and birthdate is the same in each row?

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