Ultragrid validating

The Ultra Win Grid allows user to sort by setting the . Adding using/imports directives VB: Private Sub UGSort_Initialize Layout(By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As Infragistics.

so can you tell me how to remove $____.____ and also how to capture the value entered by user .To subscribe to this event in the initialize Component method, you should execute the following line of code:l Grid: Before Row Update: Subscribe(Before Row Update).).The Method signature for this event is: METHOD PUBLIC VOID Before Row Update ( sender AS System.Recently Joshua from Perficiency Development made some enhancements to it when he was trying to get it to work with Epicor. With this new enhancements and the fact that someone asked about it on the Epicor mailing list I decided to throw together this short tutorial on how to get it working in Epicor.

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