Uga football player and dating

Simmons: I’m really into the Now & Laters and I don’t know if you’ve ever had Mambas, they’re just like Now & Laters. Frierson: A few years ago was sitting where you are and he explained that wings were his favorite food.

He talked for five minutes about his whole wings routine, as far as the flavors, the sauces and everything — do you have a similar routine? That was actually my second time in California; my mom’s a Cali girl, she grew up in Cali and never took me out there — I was pretty ticked (laughs). and it was really fun; I enjoyed it, I enjoyed the game and of course and we played in a legendary game.

Simmons: It would probably be either wings or candy.

I catch them playing it every now and then for the recruits and I’ll just stop and kind of reminisce, but other than that it’s a game I want to share with my kids or something like that.

Frierson: I hope it never stops giving me goosebumps.

Frierson: Do you ever go back and watch that game just to feel the excitement of the moment or is that something you may do more in a decade or so?

Simmons: I believe down the road that’s something I’ll do.

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