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I'm shy, awkward, dorky, nerdy, I snort when I laugh, and I'm terrible with words.

Got to shut down Iraq, biggest thing I have ever done in my life and loved every second of it because I had the best team with me. nothing better than curling up and watchin a good flick.... I am hardworking n determined, but a lil scared on the inside. Xcrankyx I am not complex, I am really easy going, but i will not make it easy for you by writing a novel about myself..will have to ask me.i could go on & on, but like i said it's not a dating site....although i am a true romantic type,lol....well..yeah i love to cook too. I'll share one, otherwise this will take at least 2 hours to fill out. the kind of music i listen to is not your average top 40, let's just s Sglmom Fe2 Quietus Valium**************** ATTENTION!READ FIRST ***************** I AM DIVORCED AND CURRENTLY A SINGLE MOM OF 2 (16 AND 9), BUT I AM NOT INTERESTED IN ANY LONG-DISTANCE ONLINE RELATIONSHIPS OR JUST TO HOOKUP WITH SOMEONE LOCALLY.I AM CONTENT WITH WHERE MY LIFE IS CURRENTLY AT AND HAVE NO DESIRE FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN A FRIENDSHIP. DO NOT MISINTERPRET MY AFFECTION AND COMPASSION FOR LOVE WHICH IS ASSOCIATED WITH STRONG PERSONAL ATTACHMENT.IT IS PURELY PLATONIC LOVE- LOVE THAT IS CHASTE AND WITHOUT ATTACHMENT: Friendship is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people.

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