Travel journals need updating

Forget the iodine tablets and the extra water bottles, this filtered bottle gives you clean, natural water with every sip.

This is one of the best gifts for travelers who are eco-conscious and don’t like getting sick on the trail. Between trips, every traveler craves a taste of the world to keep the wanderlust at bay.

It’s complete with tasting notes, brewing tips and a postcard from the country of origin.

In other words, it’s a simple gift that supports local coffee farmers and is, therefore, one of the best gifts for people who travel with a mug in their hand.

When I travel anywhere, I like to save bag space by taking clothes that are versatile without compromising on quality.Designed to be taken from the airplane cabin to the trail, this weatherproof wunderbag is the perfect gift for travelers who need a new backpack.It’s definitely not the cheapest option on this list—this is a The best travel gifts are the ones that keep your important stuff safe as well as stylish, and that’s exactly what NOMAD does with its range of smartphone cases.Plus, with the new Shorty accessory, you can add a handy handle that can turn into a mini tripod for that perfect shot.One of the best gifts for travelers who like to remember all the action.

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