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“When I was first thinking of transitioning, the only people I saw (on TV) that were like me were (with) those awful (hosts) on the daytime talk shows.” she says.

Today, she says, there are more opportunities than ever for trans actors. And while the current presidency terrifies her, she says it’s another reason she needs to go to the U. It’s more important than ever, she says, to give a face to the transgender cause.

One in five has been sexually or physically abused, while 13 per cent say they have been fired for being trans.

Transgender men and women remain a highly marginalized group, says Alex Abramovich, a trans man and PHD independent scientist who works with LGBT homeless youth at CAMH.

My beliefs include the following 6 elements: (1) Transsexualism and milder forms of gender dysphoria are types of mental disorder, which may leave the individual with average or even above-average functioning in unrelated areas of life. (5) There are two main types of gender dysphoria in males, one associated with homosexuality and one associated with autogynephilia.

Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and Instagram create new avenues for the general public to meet and get to know trans people in a new, everyday light.

The open, honest conversations about the struggles of being transgender gave her the courage to start living as a woman.“I was inspired,” Burton says.

For two years, she worked as a hotel concierge dressing as a man during the week, but donning women’s clothing on the weekend. She grew depressed, and decided in September 2013 to take four months off work to try living as a woman full time. As her January 2014 return to work loomed, she spent the month before in a cloud of anxiety, worried her colleagues wouldn’t understand, would ridicule her, or be violent against her. But she committed to her new life and decided to come out at the annual office party — her first day back at work.

Earlier today I wrote this thread in response to a follower who asked me, “What is your actual position on transgender people?

” It looks like my reply has not been delivered to a single person besides the original inquirer, so I am reposting it here.

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