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But there are side effects of drinking chlorinated water such as organ failure, cancer, etc.

Hence, drinking excess water can increase the risk of ingesting chlorine.

If you notice an urge for frequent urination, it would be a good idea to start monitoring how much water you are drinking on a daily basis and see if that is the reason behind this problem.

Cirrhosis is a liver disease that leads to scarring and liver failure.

Well, just like how drinking 8-10 glasses of water in a day has its own set of benefits, similarly drinking anything more than 10 glasses of water on a regular basis can actually do you more harm than good.When you drink too much water, your body tries to get rid of it in the form of sweating.So if you notice too much sweating, you could try and reduce the amount of water you drink everyday.Insomnia is a condition where you have difficulty in sleeping.You can have a case of insomnia if you drink excess water especially before you are off to sleep.

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