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Giovanni lead a massive charge of Team Rocket's forces in a bid to capture Meloetta, then took it to the Abyssal Ruins to acquire the Reveal Glass.

Using the Reveal Glass, he summoned the Forces of Nature and transformed them into their Therian Formes, enslaving them to be his servants.

Upon visiting the Abundant Shrine, the player will cross a group of three children arguing just before the shrine.

They collectively tell the folktale of how "Great Landorus" allegedly punished two other Legendary Pokémon (Tornadus and Thundurus) for wreaking massive destruction across the land with their ferocious gales and fierce thunderstorms.

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Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.If the player possesses both in their party, they can encounter Landorus at the Abundant Shrine on Route 14.The player can encounter the Forces of Nature while soaring in the sky.Shauntal and White witnessed the clash while on the Battle Subway; they also witnessed Landorus arriving to stop them from fighting.As Landorus drags Tornadus and Thundurus back into the skies, Giallo of the Seven Sages captures them with ease.

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