Thanksgiving dating

But in the spirit of not making things more uncomfortable than they need to be, and keeping the peace at least while the pie is served, you might be able to respond in a more diplomatic way. Here are six ways to respond to relationship questions from your family at Thanksgiving this year that are sure to keep the peace.

So what exactly should you say when people start asking things like, "Are you still single? This is a polite way of responding to family members when they ask you if you're dating anyone.

If you're only inviting your SO home because you feel sorry they don't have family around or they aren't going home for the holidays — and not because you wholeheartedly want them there — then you're an asshole.

The person you invite to spend time with you and your family should be someone whose company and presence you enjoy, not someone you're inviting out of pity.

This makes it easy for me to bring other people to my family's holiday events as well.

If either of you is still active on The League, Hinge or Bumble, then Thanksgiving with your family is a definite no.

Do not throw your SO into the fire just to see how they perform against your family's awkward political talk or other interrogations. You won't get answers or clarity that way, and it may even push your partner further away. My family is diverse, cooky, friendly, loud and funny.

And they've come to accept me as I am over the years, which means they're pretty chill.

Of course, it's possible this statement will open up the conversation for more questions about your dating life, but it's also OK to just smile, sip your wine, and steer the conversation elsewhere. However, a more diplomatic answer might be something more simple about how things didn't work out between you and your ex.

Then, quickly change the subject and ask something about their life.

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