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My mother, who is a doctor, whipped out her impressive first aid kit and treated then strapped my ankle and told me I would have to keep it elevated and avoid hiking for a day or two.I wasn’t too perturbed as my goal was to catch up on my reading anyway so I lay myself on the sofa with my ankle up on the arm rest and began to read.

After reading all of Jen’s stories on this site and some others, I feel compelled to share my own.I could feel his tongue as it slid between my pussy lips and it felt so good.My head tilted back for a moment as I enjoyed his oral pleasure and for a few seconds, I was euphoric.We all had complete privacy in our own rooms which were quite far apart from each other.After unpacking, my father decided to go for a short hike and I went with him, but before we were even a hundred feet from the cabin, I twisted my ankle and my father had to carry me home.

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