Surf dating

These guys are hot, they're cool, but let's be honest, they're a piece of work...So make sure you're aware of the key truths outlined below before starting to date a surfer: 1. We recommend having a good playlist on your i Pod to help you get through the day… They spend all their money on surfboards/surftrips.Booking was every easy, Ivan was easily reachable by email and phone. As of this time we have availability on Monday at 10am and at 2pm.

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Girls, here's the eye-opening article you need to read before falling head over heels for a surfer dude.

Yep, this is what your life will look like if you marry a surfer - PC:

If you are watching or taking photos of him - a typical task you’d better get used to- make sure you never miss one of his waves (especially his good ones) or you’ll be in serious strife. NEVER, EVER compare your surfer guy to his surf buddies #rookiemistake If he asks you “how do you think I surf? Be prepared to go through all of the above as despite being aware you’ll most likely still date a surfer guy ;) The points above mainly apply to girls who don’t surf but don’t worry, we’ll be writing another blog post soon in which we’ll talk about dating a surfer from surfer girl’s point of view…

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