Superhookup com scam

You’ll get the raw and uncut review right here, right now.

This is one of those deceitful websites that horny adults flock to because they’re so damn horny.

Well, when you forget to cancel that trial you end up being billed hundreds of dollars for as long as possible.

The girls are paid and the site knows that if they convert just a single user to join for the year, they’ll collect 0 from that person.

This trial is typically for .72 for only a short 2-day membership.

They do have other options but most people simply take the trial membership to test the waters.

Whether it be banner ads, links, submit forms, or whatever, they put them front and center hoping that you’ll start clicking like a madman.

If you decide to do so, be ready because they will not be responsible for any damages or costs involved in doing so. Assume that you click on a link and it leads you to a new dating site or cam site.

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