Sunday dating buzz

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However, the liftoff will be reportedly sponsored by Hud, a casual dating and hookup app. [ 569, -45] Kim Min Joon has had more dating news than acting news since his debut... [ 254, -21] She never graduated from fashion school or even majored in anything design ㅎㅎ she just lucked out with her dongsaeng and gets to run her own shop in Chungdam ㅎㅎ 7. For such a rich woman, what has she been doing not taking care of herself all this time? [ 58, -3] Didn't he date Ahn Hyun Mo for five years too? [ 44, -11] Doesn't matter if a woman's ugly if she's rich ㅋㅋ He can get a side piece with all her money 9. [ 685, -27] GD with longer hair~~ they totally look alike 5.First Zane and Gabbi Hanna, then Zane and Natalie & now Zane and Stassiebaby; seems like Zane Hijazi is quite good at stirring his own dating rumors.Also, considering how his fans get along the rumors; it proves that they desperately want to see him get hitched.

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