Stars of twilight saga dating team fortress server list not updating

Now, she's back to her natural brunette, enjoying life as a mom with husband Ian Somerhalder and their daughter, Bodhi, who was born in July 2017.She also started sustainable lifestyle brand Bayou with Love and works with animal rescues.Kristen Stewart has been talking about the possibility of a Twilight reunion and it’s got us all too excited.When we say she’s been talking about it, we means she’s been railroaded into answering questions on whether or not she would reprise her role as Bella Swan and she’s tried very hard to dodge the questioning.

I just remembered I was in universe, donning a platinum blonde wig for her role.That film spawned three sequels, also based on Meyer's books, and an intense fandom that instantly made stars out of the young actors cast in the movie.'s stars have gone on to score Academy Award nominations, found companies and start families, as well as appear in plenty of movies and television shows.But she did admit she’d be the first person to pick up a copy of Stephanie Meyer’s next instalment in the saga, if the author were to write another novel.So that’s basically saying she’d snap up a copy of the book immediately so she could start researching her character’s story for the next film, right?

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