Stamps com not updating

If there are fundamental errors, they will show up here already.Then continue to the Plex Media (58.3 KB) I’m attaching (I think! The time stamps seem to be fine but the actual scan in PMS is still running (and likely will without stopping). There is no problem with updating (scanning) TV or Music files but it is just ‘stuck’ on Movies. After you reboot the Windows computer, do you have to input a user name and password to access the files on the WD cloud?

Ande here you go, a Smart Art rendered 3D add some color and we are done.

Now you need to right click de graphic and select the “Format Shape” Option.

Here you can modify the 3D settings and give volume to the arrows.

Just to clarify here, the Movies Library is still not updating and just hangs when I scan library files.

The download logs simply sit in downloads saying 'Unknown time left 0 bytes/0 bytes/sec). Could it be ‘Plex Media Scanner.log’ located in Appdata/Local/Plex Media server/ Logs?

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